Brand Guidelines

These graphics are intended to be used to preserve Xapo’s image when mentioning us on a blog post or in print. Do not use other artwork from our site without explicit permission or imply sponsorship, endorsement or false association with Xapo.

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Institutional Colors




Full Color Logo

One Color

Photographic Backgrounds

When applying the Xapo logo on photographs use the black version for light backgrounds and the white version for dark backgrounds as shown above.

Non Uniform BG

When applying the Xapo logo on photographs with non uniform backgrounds, darken the image using Xapo's #252525 or lighten it using white.

Alternative bg color

When applying the Xapo logo on a solid background with a dominant color that is not one of Xapo's institutional colors use the one color version of the logo.

Optical Alignment

Mathematically Aligned

Optical Aligned

Xapo's logo has to be centered optically rather than mathematically due to the descender of the letter "p". If you look closely you will notice that the mathematically aligned logo appears slightly off center on the horizontal axis.

Typography Module


To be used with all caps for headers

Allright Sans Medium

Allright Sans Bold

Used for subtitles

Allright Sans Regular

Used for copy

Squared Icon


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