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encrypted servers

Xapo customer bitcoins are stored in offline, secure, encrypted servers that are never connected to the internet.

Offline servers

Inaccessible cold-storage servers

Data encryption

Proprietary data encryption technology

Restricted, monitored vault access

To maintain strict access control, Xapo servers sit behind reinforced concrete walls, a steel blast door and a radio wave-blocking Faraday cage.

Reinforced concrete vault

0.75m thick poured concrete

Blast-resistant door

25 megatonne nuclear blast resistant door

Faraday cage

Blocks radio signals from entering or leaving the vault

Highly secure server storage facilities

Xapo’s secure vaults are housed in high-security installations, including deep within a decommissioned Swiss military bunker.

Multiple sequential access doors

Controlled by biometric sensors

Armed Surveillance


Your bitcoins, secured in the swiss alps

Located within the Alps, Xapo’s Swiss secure facility offers uniquely robust protection against physical theft.

Military-grade construction

100m-deep access column

Secure physical environment

Low risk of natural disaster to data center

Xapo's global bitcoin storage network

Xapo’s redundant, global network of storage vaults ensures that no single security breach would ever compromise your account.

Xapo maintains redundant vaults in secure locations across 5 continents

Approval from 3 Xapo vaults required to validate any withdrawal

A satellite above all

A satellite-based “x-ray” of our terrestrial network helps Xapo continually monitor and validate system-wide security.

Immutable storage

Unchanging unalterable data

Over $40 Million invested

Xapo has raised over $40 million from a group of global investment partners that includes Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, Fortress Investment Group, Ribbit Capital and Emergence Capital Partners.

Index Ventures
Greylock Partners
Ribbit Capital
Emergence Capital
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